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Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC offers third-party management services to self-storage facility owners looking for an increase in revenue without dealing with day-to-day operational and administrative management issues. Our services include a turn-key solution including managing all aspects of day-to-day operations, manager acquisitions and trainig as well as handling finances and monthly accounting reports. Our CEO and COO, Dan Small and Leslie Small, respectively, have a combined 45+ years of self-storage facility experience. Dan Small, a United States Marine Corps veteran has served his country as well as served as the President, Texas Self Storage Association. The leadership team in place has been entrusted with and charged with the goal of increasing the ROI for every owner of every facility entrusted with our management services. Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC is currently managing 25 facilities worth over $80,502,432 in 4 states with room to grow!

At Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC, we work to enhance our customer rental experience, train and empower our store managers and provide tools and resources to all employees at every level to ensure their professional development and the continued growth and success at every facility.

While Diamond Self Storage Management manages self-storage and commercial warehouses, we also employ owner-operators. As owners of facilities, we fully appreciate and understand the challenges owners must face daily and the issues that tenants bring to the table every day. Let Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC take away those headaches from you. Whether you're considering buying a self-storage facility, or you are already an owner, allow Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC to provide solutions to both known and unknown problems.

Property Management

Our approach to Property Management is divided into two main areas of focus, Workforce Management and Property Management.

Workforce Management

Skills Enhancement
Skills enhancement is the training, development, and sustainment of the property managers. Their skills and abilities, and they're willingness to effectively utilize those skills ensure your property is safe, secure, and efficiently producing revenue. Our training staff is dedicated and bound to ensure all employees are trained and we implement many exams, tests, and hands-on training to help make our employees successful. Training structure and progression monitoring come from over 28 years of active duty military experience.

Skills Inventory
Skills inventory is the ability to catalog our employee's skills to best use them in positions that are a benefit to Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC and your property. Think of this like using chess peices in a game. The right moves will prove to be winning decisions.

Time and Attendence
This involves the introduction to, knowledge of, and compliance with various state and federal labor laws. This revolves around time-off, and required attendence by employees to make sure they know what their roles and responsibilities are to stay gainfully employed by Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC.

Labor cost
Labor cost is the property's financial obligation to employees. Employees are made known of their rights and responsibilities as well as Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC's roles and responsibilities. We make sure both the property and employees are protected from loss wages, class-action lawsuits, or civil infractions that might make the property responsible.

Property Management

Marketing and Advertising
The goal that is assigned to every property that Diamond manages is to raise occupancy. This starts with marketing and advertising. Effective communication to large audiences and mass appeal will bring money thru the door. Our reach extends into the virtual realm where online marketing is a huge source of revenue for us. With our ability to accept online payments, we drive customers to our website and while they're there, they are informed about company news, policies, or sales that might affect them. The feeling of personal communication is a factor that keeps our property customer base growing.

Property Projects
The use of technology to control, maintain, optimize, and oversee property enhancements, repairs, upgrades, or overall status of physical property health by our senior management and maintenance personnel. We know whats going on with properties because we provide our employees with the ability to report and track progress on problem areas of facilities. These address both safety and operational concerns.

Overhead Management
The responsibility the Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC accepts to minimize overhead cost of each and ever storage facility is why we're considered ahead of our game. We are able to increase revenue and decrease cost because of our ability to seek out and mitigate problem areas of facilities.

Net Revenue Maximizing profits based on all areas of operations. Running a storage facility is not easy, but our senior leadership, middle management, and increasingly used technology outlets prove that we are doing our jobs right and you will see more revenue and less cost of doing business.

Where to go from here?

If you are interested in consulting Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC about property management, please use the Contact Us menu to determine your best method of contacting us. You'll talk to our management team and decide if property management by Diamond Self Storage Management, LLC is in your best interest.

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