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Technology Growth in the Self-Storage Industry
Posted By Justin Small on Feb 19, 2023 :: 1 Comments :: Back To Press Releases

Introduction - Introduction - Self storage has been a growing industry for decades. As people own more possessions, they need more space to store them. However, the industry has changed dramatically in recent years and technology has played a vital role in its growth. From digital security systems to online booking portals, the use of technology has changed the way customers interact with self storage facilities. This article discusses various technological advancements facilitating the growth of the self storage industry.

Online Booking Portals - One of the greatest technological advances in self-storage is the utilization of online booking websites. Previously, customers would have to visit the facility in person in order to reserve a unit. However, the development of online booking portals has facilitated the ability of customers to book units from anywhere at any time. This has facilitated the process of renting a unit to customers. Online booking websites facilitate the viewing of available units, selecting the size and location of the unit, and completing the rental process online. This has decreased the necessity for customers to physically visit the facility, which has saved them time and effort. Additionally, it has decreased the burden placed on self-storage facility employees, allowing them to devote themselves to other responsibilities.

Digital Security Systems - Safety is a top concern for self-storage facilities, and digital security has led to a significant change in the industry. Earlier, facilities employed traditional locking systems that were easily circumvented. However, digital security systems utilize advanced technology to provide superior safeguard for customers' possessions. Digital security systems can have features like biometric access, video surveillance, and alarms. Biometric access control utilizes fingerprint identification technology to facilitate the access of authorized individuals to the facility. Video surveillance allows facility managers to remotely monitor the facility, and alarm systems will alerts managers in the event of a security breach. These digital security systems have augmented the safety of self-storage facilities, this has granted customers confidence that their possessions are protected. Additionally, they have decreased the necessity of having security personnel on site, which has allowed self-storage facilities to save money on labor.

Mobile Applications - Mobile applications have become a part of everyday life, and the self-storage industry has not been left behind. Self-storage facilities have developed mobile applications to make it easier for customers to interact with the properties. Mobile applications allow tenants to view their account details, pay their bills, and even access their units. Mobile apps have made the process of renting a unit more convenient for tenants. They can manage their accounts from anywhere, making it easier for them to keep track of their storage units and account balances. Mobile applications have also reduced the workload of self-storage facility employees, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence is likely to play a significant role in the self-storage industry in the future. With AI, storage facility owners can automate various tasks, such as customer service, billing, and even security measures. Additionally, AI can help storage facility owners optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT) - The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technology that is likely to impact the self-storage industry in the future. With IoT, storage facility owners can monitor their facilities in real-time, and receive notifications when something goes wrong. For example, if a unit’s temperature rises above a certain level, facility owners can receive an alert and take action to address the issue.

Conclusion - The self-storage industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with technology playing a crucial role in its growth. Online booking portals, digital security systems, mobile applications, and smart units have transformed the way customers interact with self-storage facilities. These technological advancements have made the process of renting a unit more convenient and efficient for customers. They have also made self-storage facilities more secure and will continue to do so well into the future.

Posted on Feb 21, 2023

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